TimeWise Repair® Volu-Firm™ Foaming Cleanser



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Revitalize, renew, go beyond cleansing.

Benefits at-a-glance:
• Maintains moisture balance
• Renews skin radiance
• Promotes a feeling of suppleness
• Leaves skin feeling pampered
• Provides a luxurious daily skin care experience
• Prepares skin for the next step
• Contains the benefits of the Volu-Firm™ Complex

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  • Overview
  • Key Ingredients
  • How It Works

TimeWise Repair™ Volu-Firm™ Foaming Cleanser

This is the pampering cleanser that your skin has been searching for. Every day, skin cells that are ready to be sloughed away accumulate on the skin’s surface. As skin ages, this process slows, diminishing the natural radiance that can help your skin look healthy and young. Volu-Firm™ Foaming Cleanser is a rich, luxurious formula that gently sweeps away complexion-dulling impurities as it leaves skin feeling revitalized and hydrated.

The moisture-rich foam thoroughly cleanses and renews skin texture, leaving pores looking less noticeable. Designed to be gentle to skin, it also helps support the delicate skin barrier, an important benefit since, as skin ages, it becomes thinner and more susceptible to moisture loss and external irritants.

This soothing cleanser provides a luxurious daily skin care experience, helping to retain natural lipids, so skin doesn’t feel stripped or dry. It’s the ultimate indulgence – having skin that feels baby-soft, nourished and perfectly ready for the next step in the TimeWise Repair® regimen.

Key Ingredients

At the heart of every TimeWise Repair™ product is the patent-pending Volu-Firm™ Complex, a perfect union of three ingredients so vital to skin recovery that it is in every product formula. It contains:

  • Plant stem cells that help protect the integrity of the skin matrix, the source of skin firmness.*
  • A biomimetic peptide that helps support processes critical for skin repair.*
  • A hyaluronic acid booster* that helps provide youthful skin volume and lift. 

*Based on in-vitro testing of key ingredients

How It Works

TimeWise Repair™ Volu-Firm™ Foaming Cleanser is designed to:

  • Thoroughly cleanse skin without leaving it feeling stripped. TimeWise Repair™ Volu-Firm™ Foaming Cleanser helps provide deep cleansing while treating skin with the gentleness it needs and deserves. It’s designed to help skin retain its natural lipids so instead of feeling dry and stripped, skin feels smooth, soft and wonderfully moisturized.
  • Helps support the skin barrier. TimeWise Repair™ Volu-Firm™ Foaming Cleanser helps remove dead skin cells that collect and clog pores and diminish skin’s radiance. By removing these dead cells from the outer layer of skin, fresher and younger cells can rise to the surface. In this way, TimeWise Repair™ Volu-Firm™ Foaming Cleanser helps support the skin barrier, a critical benefit as skin gets older and the barrier is more easily compromised.