LumiVie™ Foaming Cleanser



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LumiVie™ Skin Care
with the power of black pearl

Helps deliver multifunctional benefits:
• Brightening
• Energizing
• Moisturization*
• Even skin tone

* Excludes LumiVie™ Foaming Cleanser which was not tested for moisturizing properties.

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  • Overview
  • How It Works
Brighten. Energize. Moisturize.

Why You’ll Love It
• Black pearl is shown to impact processes1 that protect and brighten skin, and it also helps boost skin energy1 to awaken skin vitality.
• The exclusive Opti-Bright Complex™ targets multiple sources of uneven skin tone.
• True luminosity can only be achieved if skin is well hydrated, a special botanical extract Samphire (Salicornia herbacea extract) is included for its benefit of increasing water channels in skin.
• Black Pearl (hydrolyzed pearl) helps boost skin energy1 to help revitalize skin’s activity and strengthen its defenses. It is shown to impact processes1 that protect and brighten skin.

• The Opti-Bright™ Complex (Angelica acutiloba root extract, vegetable amino acids and niacinamide)
features a blend of potent ingredients shown to interrupt the process that leads to dull skin1 while also helping to disperse the accumulation of uneven tone.1
• The LumiVie™ Intensive Serum and Moisturizing Cream contain the Opti-Bright™ Complex and have been shown to significantly improve the brightness of skin3 and improve overall evenness of skin tone in clinical testing. 3

• Samphire (Salicornia herbacea extract)
As an ingredient in skin care, samphire develops unique capabilities for conserving and managing water.