Mary Kay Malaysia has been identified as a Best Employer Malaysia 2022 as part of Kincentric’s robust assessment that measures and identifies organizations who have transformed their people practices to drive better business results.

Mary Kay Malaysia continues to create exceptional employee experiences by reinventing their talentpractices to meet the changing needs of their employees in today’s increasingly complex, hybrid world. The company is excelling across critical people factors that were measured as part of the Kincentric Best Employers assessment - employee engagement, organizations agility, engaging leadership and talent focus. This is despite challenges globally around employee turnover and declining engagement levels as we ease out of the pandemic.

Khor Lee Fan, General Manager of Mary Kay Malaysia said, “We are truly delighted to have been recognized as a Kincentric Best Employer, which demonstrates our genuine commitment to our people and our continued focus on creating an engaging and agile environment built on trust and shared values.’’

“Kincentric Best Employers identifies organizations that demonstrate excellence in the workplace, by creating differentiated employee experiences and agile. inclusive cultures that lead to stronger, more sustainable business results,” said Amy Vinh Mumma, Global Culture and Engagement Practice Leader for Kincentric. “Extraordinary organizations like Mary Kay Malaysia stand above the rest because they accelerate outcomes through high employee engagement, profound organizational agility, engaging leadership and talent focus. We congratulate Mary Kay Malaysia on achieving this recognition.” With over 50 years of employee research and decades of experience and specialist expertise in culture and engagement, leadership assessment and development, HR and talent advisory, and diversity, equity and inclusion, Kincentric partners with organizations to improve their health from the inside, transform at scale and achieve Best Employer levels of performance.