Mary Kay® Believe + Wonder™ Paint the Sky™ Body Lotion




Let this floral-fruity scent uplift your senses and inspire you to “paint” a vision of what could be. The sky’s the limit!
  • Pair the Body Lotion with Paint the Sky™ Fragrance Mist and Shower Gel to create a collection.
  • Ideal gift for the graduate or the creative person in your life.
(All products are sold separately.)

  • 讲这Body Lotion与 Paint the Sky™ Fragrance Mist和Shower Gel搭配使用,以拥有完整系列。
  • 送给您生命中的毕业或创意人士的理想礼品。


  • 概观
Mary Kay® Believe + Wonder™ Paint the Sky™ Body Lotion
Grab a paintbrush from the clouds, and let the sky be your canvas on which to dream. The body lotion’s whimsical scent lifts you off the ground where you are free to explore what is possible. Enhance your experience with Paint the Sky™ Shower Gel and Fragrance Mist, each sold separately. Paint the Sky™ Body Lotion is part of Believe + Wonder™, a collection of inspirational fragrance mists, shower gels and body lotions which also are available in Sail to the Moon™ and Chase a Rainbow™ scents. Each scent is designed to open your eyes to the infinite possibilities all around you and wonder: What if? What now? And what’s next? Clarify your next move by believing in the power of your dreams. 从云端处拿出一支画笔,让天空成为您梦寐以求的画布。这身体乳液的幻妙芳香使您远离地面,尽情自由探索一切的可能。使用个别销售的Paint the Sky™ Shower Gel和Fragrance Mist,加强您的个人体验。Paint the Sky™ Body Lotion是Believe + Wonder™的一部分,一个令人振奋的芳香系列,包括有香水喷雾、沐浴露和身体乳液,同时备有Sail to the Moon™ Chase a Rainbow™香味。每种香味都是为了打开您的双眼,去探索围绕在您身边的无限可能:如果呢?现在是什么?和下一步是什么?通过相信您梦想的力量来理清您的下一步。