Mary Kay At Play® Matte Metallic Liquid Lipstick



  • 多款潮流色调,满足您的每一种心情。
  • 滑动式的唇棒让奶油质地的色调可轻松延展。
  • 打造哑光妆效。
  • 工作或娱乐的最佳拍档。



  • 概观
Mary Kay At Play® Matte Metallic Liquid Lip Color
No filter? No problem!
The secret to the perfect selfie isn’t a filter…it’s your confidence! So you can be confident that Mary Kay® At Play™ Matte Liquid Makeup keeps the real you coming through. The instantly matte finish gives you flexible coverage while concealing imperfections, but without hiding your true self.
  • Controls oil and shine for 8 hours*
  • Feels light-as-air on skin, not heavy or greasy
  • No caking or cracking

Super Flexible. Easily Matched.
  • Flexible, buildable coverage means you get to decide how much or how little goes on.
  • Flexibility also means six easy-to-match shades that were formulated and designed specifically to cover a wide range of skin tones.

All-Day Glam
  • At Play™ Matte Liquid Makeup stays put all day – it’s transfer-resistant, won’t melt away and looks fresh from morning to night.
  • It dries quickly, but applies evenly and smoothly, blends easily and does not rub off.