Meet Mary Kay Global Makeup Artist Mélanie Meyer.

Introducing Mary Kay Global Makeup ArtistMélanie Meyer

First of all, color is my inspiration, and that is exactly what I need to create my new looks. And a color is also a mood. Depending on the color, it can enhance your mood, and that’s exactly what makes a woman happy.

Mélanie Meyer, Munich, Germany

Paris, a city synonymous with fashion and beauty, is where Mélanie perfected her skills as a makeup artist. Her passion for the classical art of makeup earned her a three-year apprenticeship as a theatre makeup artist in Munich. Mélanie has achieved her dream of becoming a sought-after makeup artist working for magazine editors and fashion designers around the world. As part of the Mary Kay Global Makeup Artist Team, she will bring her enchanting personality, her beauty expertise and instinctive sense of style to you!

Mélanie Meyer’s Signature Look

Inspired by timeless fashion icons, my signature look can be described as sensual, elegant and feminine. The “swallow-wing” eye, borrowed from Marlene Dietrich and Brigitte Bardot, is the secret to this seductive look, and Mary Kay® Liquid Eyeliner creates it beautifully. The application is easy, and the effect is simply incredible. For the lips, Sunny Citrus creme lipstick and Sherbet liquid lip color combine for a versatile, bewitching effect in which the lips are optically magnified and look even more intense and irresistible. Altogether, the look is a new interpretation of the "femme fatale" for the modern woman of today.