• Basic Guidelines
  • Shades by Eye Color
  • Experimenting With Color

Pick Your Eye Color Shades: Basic Guidelines

The right eye color and eye color formula make all the difference. Discover how different effects from eye colors and formulas can work for you.

Emphasize Your Eyes

Coordinating eye shades based on eye color can work for basic color pairing, or for a great place to start when trying out new eye shades.

Four Ways to Wear a New Eye Color

Trying a new eye color is really easy! Here are some great ways to feel confident when trying something new.

1. As a wash of color

Apply eye color lightly from lashlines to brow bones. Add layers to build intensity.

Use the Mary Kay® Eye Color Brush from the Mary Kay® Brush Collection with mineral eye colors.

Learn how to create a wash of color using the right tools.

2. As an accent

Sweep a neutral shade across the eyelids and up to brow bones. Apply accent shade in the creases, starting at the outer edge and shading inward. Blend.

Use the Mary Kay® Eye Color Brush and the Mary Kay® Eye Crease Brush from the Mary Kay® Brush Collection.

Learn how to accent eyes using eye color and the right brush.

3. Line luxury

Apply neutral eye color all over eyelid. Then, using the Mary Kay® Eyeliner/Eyebrow Brush from the Mary Kay® Brush Collection, apply a new mineral eye color to the upper and/or lower lashlines and blend.

Learn how to create a luxurious eye look by applying eyeliner first.

4. Create drama with color

Use color – not just black – to create a smoky eye.

Learn how to use color, not just black, to create a smoky eye.