Meet Mary Kay Global Makeup Artist Sally Wang.

Introducing Mary Kay Global Makeup ArtistSally Wang

I encourage women to be confident with color. You can play around with it because makeup is really fun. It can enhance your creativity. And I really love Mary Kay® makeup because their colors are very beautiful, and they are easy to apply.

Sally Wang, Los Angeles, Calif.

Born in Taiwan, with time spent in Paris, and now based in Los Angeles, Sally’s career started with runway training from some of the fashion world’s most famous names. From creating looks for designer campaigns to making up icons of entertainment and fashion, Sally has brought her artistry to life on some of the world’s most beautiful women. And now, as part of the Mary Kay Global Makeup Artist Team, she shares her beauty tips and time-tested techniques with you. Sally can help bring to life the perfect look for you – easy, attainable and ready to wear. Your red-carpet moments are calling!

Sally Wang’s Signature Look

Asian women are proud and contemporary. My signature look conveys this by enhancing our signature almond-shaped eyes. A full-shaped brow frames and balances eye makeup. By lengthening the outer corners of the eyes with Black Pearl mineral eye color, this application creates a larger-looking eye, while flattering its shape. With emphasis on eyes and brows, a soft flush of pink cheeks and lips keeps it fresh.