Melacep Plus+ Ultimate Serum



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With our exclusive MelaCEP Plus+™ Luminous Complex, this serum diminishes the appearance of hyperpigmentation, improves the appearance of skin discoloration and leaves skin looking more even-toned. Your skin will appear translucent, luminous and flawless.

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Melacep Plus+ Ultimate Serum
Extensive research over seven years has led to the development of MelaCEP Plus+™ Ultimate Serum. Powered by our most innovative complex to date, the MelaCEP Plus+™ Luminous Complex is a proprietary blend that delivers powerful brightening
benefits, helping to transport your skin to a new level of luminosity. Your quest for skin that glows with radiance and looks more translucent is now closer than ever.

See these benefits after using MelaCEP Plus+™ Ultimate Serum:
  • Luminous skin with the beauty of edelweiss extract.
  • Significantly improves the look of skin brightness, texture and dark spots*.
  • A new generation of luminosity and purity designed to replace both MelaCEP® Essence and Dark Spot Serum.
Melacep Plus+ Ultimate Serum
  • MelaCEP Plus+™ Luminous Complex — a proprietary blend of edelweiss extract (leontopodium alpinum extract), algae extract and vegetable amino acids capable of delivering powerful whitening benefits.
  • Hexylresorcinol — shown to target glutathione and the accumula8on of pigment on the skin’s surface†. Glutathione is vital to the skin’s purification process. As we age, our body’s natural production of glutathione starts to decrease while stress and environmental pollutants also can deplete its levels. In addition, glutathione can impact melanocytes, which are responsible for melanin that can appear on the skin.
  • Maritime pine (pinus pinaster) and white birch (betula alba) extracts — shown to target melanin†.
+Based on in vitro testing of key ingredients