Tools to Success

Whether you prefer to do business online, on the go, in person or at a party, you’ll have access to a wide range of tools and support to help make sales a snap! Plus, Mary Kay offers tools to help keep your business organized, connected and efficient so you get the most out of your self-determined working hours. Ready to start now?

  • Starter Kit
  • Online
  • Mobile
  • Print
  • In Person
Mary Kay

It's more than a bag. It's a beginning.

The first step to starting your own Mary Kay business is getting your hands on your very own Starter Kit.
The stylish Mary Kay® Starter Kit Bag is packed with:

  • Retail-sized products to demonstrate with friends at parties.
  • Samplers to share with potential customers.
  • Brochures and DVDs with easy-to-learn sales tips.
  • All this and more for just $100*!

Product Promise & Guarantee

Whether selling online, in person or at a party, you always have the benefit of the Mary Kay® Product Promise and Satisfaction Guarantee to help make sure your customers are always happy! Read more about the Product Promise or the Satisfaction Guarantee.
Offer the Product Promise and Satisfaction Guarantee.

Your Own Website

Give your customers VIP treatment and let them shop directly with you, 24/7, with your own Mary Kay® Personal Web Site. It’s the ultimate personalized shopping experience and allows you to choose special deals to offer, post eCatalogs to Facebook, send company-branded emails to your customers and much more!
A Mary Kay® Personal Web Site allows your customers to shop with you 24/7.
myCustomers® helps you manage your customer orders.

Enhance Your Customer Relationships

Like a digital personal assistant, myCustomers® takes your Mary Kay® Personal Web Site to the next level:

  • Access your customers’ information like birthdays, wish lists and product orders. 
  • Submit orders, track your customers’ activities and give personalized product recommendations. 
  • Get automated reminders to help you provide great customer service and more! 

Online & Social Tools

  • The Mary Kay® Virtual Makeover lets you and your customers have fun and explore endless combinations of makeup, hairstyles and more. 
  • Be in the know and share the hottest makeup, the latest in skin care, global beauty trends andmore with eCatalogs. 
  • Send email newsletters to keep your customers in touch and up to date. 
  • Use social tools to help spread the word about your business on Facebook, Twitter and other social websites. 
Digital tools keep you connected.
InTouch® is your network to the Mary Kay world.

Stay "InTouch"!

The Mary Kay InTouch® website is your network to the Mary Kay world. It can help you manage all aspects of your Mary Kay business:

  • Online ordering and limited-time offers for starting your business.
  • Interactive online lessons and tutorials.
  • Product fact sheets and application videos.
  • And much, much more!

Mobile Apps

The Mary Kay® Mobile Virtual Makeover App allows you and your customers to customize endless looks that can be saved, shared and purchased – all with just a few clicks!

With the Mary Kay® eCatalog App, you and your customers can browse the newest skin care,
makeup and more from Mary Kay – all from the convenience of your mobile device.

Mobile apps offer convenience to customers.
Access your Mary Kay® business tools online.

Business On the Go

Access, InTouch® and myCustomers® on your mobile device:

  • Browse, search and show all Mary Kay® products.
  • Discover the latest tips, trends and videos to share.
  • Customers can locate and contact you on the go and more!

For Your Customers

Use these tools to help grow your business anytime!

  • The Look catalog – available in print, online and in the Mary Kay® eCatalog App
  • Postcards and printable fliers, business cards and party tools
  • Makeup application guides to help you conduct confident makeovers
  • Company-branded build your own brochure for team-building
Tools to help grow your business.
Applause® magazine keeps you informed.

For Your Business

As a new Independent Beauty Consultant, you’ll receive a free subscription to the exclusive independent sales force magazine, Applause®, each month.

  • Receive tips on how to use and sell the latest Mary Kay® products.
  • Get valuable information on upcoming events.
  • Read trend advice, inspiring lifestyle profiles and much more!


You’ll want to let your customers sample the actual products as often as possible. This is a great way for them to try before they buy – and an effective way for you to sell. Your Starter Kit comes with retail-sized products to demonstrate with friends or at parties and samplers to share with current and potential customers, and more are always available for purchase.

Samplers help you sell.
Sell at parties and skin care classes.

Parties & Skin Care Classes

Mary Kay parties and skin care classes can easily be customized to match your style and the needs of your potential customers. Whether you’re demonstrating the latest skin care regimen, teaching basic makeup application or leading an in-home spa experience, customers are sure to love the casual environment and the convenience of your personalized customer service.

Makeover & One-on-One

Who doesn’t love a good makeover? Or a little one-on-one pampering from a beauty professional? Although parties are fun, there’s always the option of a personal consultation with one of your customers.

You can:

  • Help evaluate skin care needs.
  • Help choose the right colors by skin tone.
  • Teach application techniques for the best look and more.
Schedule individual appointments and makeovers.